FAQ's by Wedding Vendors

Shubh Wedding is a platform for Wedding Vendors and Bride & Grooms. Wedding Vendors can register their business profile by submitting “Business Listing” and their profile listing would appear in Google, Yahoo, Bing and our internal search engine.

There are many features of Shubh Wedding, however, following are few unique features,

  1. No 3rd party involvement, No Commission involved and No hidden Wedding Vendors Details.
  2. Wedding Vendor can submit their portfolio based on the selection of plan. We are offering festival and anniversary discounts.
  3. Free Service for Bride & Grooms and No registration require unless usage of special features – Bride & Grooms can find their choicest and best wedding vendors based on their preferred locations. 
  4. Registered wedding vendors can expand their network by connecting/following other vendors, boosting own business page and by getting direct calls from end customers.

No 3rd Party Involvement. No Commission! No Hidden Contact Details!

Bride & Grooms can directly contact you.

That’s true! That’s why we are offering Free Registration plan. You can opt for our free service and once you satisfied then you can plan for up-gradation. 

The flow is self-explanatory. However, if you would like to register as a Wedding Vendor, then please click on Login/Register fillup-the register form, then click on Business Listing.

Sure, Please feel free to contact / whatsapp us on 8208459018