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Mrinal Khatnani is the best Wedding Photographer in Goregaon East, Mumbai. As we have a team of professionals which will make your special day the most memorable one. Wedding Photoshoot is best when they portray the essence of beauty for every couple. It does not always take a pen and paper to be a storyteller, a camera can capture miracles. Once such storyteller, is a Mumbai based photographer Mrinal Khatnani, a blooming talent that held a camera 3 years back, and has never looked back since. Capturing a thousand stories and a million emotions, with precise detail, is something he is adored for. His pictures are a fusion of tradition, emotion and a lot of modernization in his style. His balance between lights and shadows, tears and laughter, hues and colors and love and departures, ensures that your big day wrapped up within a single album makes your heart swell even when you open it years later. Mrinal with his team of enthusiast ace photographers and cinematographers can go beyond their limits just to get that perfect shot of yours. Everyone’s satisfaction is his team’s goal and specialization. With their creative and natural inclination and the team’s intuitive understanding of the moments that are most special to the couple and their families, they deliver your pictures worth thousand words. Over the years, this prolific gift of the team has not only brought their work much recognition and appreciation but also given them opportunities to shoot weddings nationally. Their zeal to better themselves and the always eager to learn nature helps them keep then versed with the latest thing in photography and their enthusiasm ensures happy clients each time.