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Shubh Wedding’s Directory of Bridal Makeup Artists would help you find the most reliable, economical and yet professional bridal makeup artists. Also, If you are a makeup artist then register with us if you want to  generate organic business leads

How It Works?

Shubh Wedding is a Directory of Bridal Makeup Artists. Once you submit your listing, our team will make it compatible with Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Your listing will appear when people search for terms such as “Makeup Artist in Area Name”, “Makeup Artist in City Name” or “Makeup Artist Near Me” and it will generate more organic leads for your business. We encourage Makeup Artists to register their listings with us, if they intend to grow their business.

Tool for Organic Business Leads for Makeup Artists

By listing with Shubh Wedding, you would be able to generate more organic leads since we do not hide any contact information, we do not charge commission and we do not involve any third parties. If people are interested, they will reach out directly to the given phone number and email address.

Listing Feature

The perfect bridal makeup artist listing or portfolio includes everything a bride-to-be wants.

  • Company/About Info.
  • Package Info.
  • Business Info.
  • Social Media Portfolio
  • Speciality
  • Reviews

Customers Feedback

Pricing Plan


Shubh Shree Plan

  • 2 Listings
  • Validity – 365 Days
  • 20 Photos per Gallery
  • 6 Videos per Gallery

Shubh Plan

  • 1 Listing
  • Validity – 180 Days
  • 10 Photos per Gallery
  • 3 Videos per Gallery

Shubh Special Plan

  • 2 Listings
  • Validity – Lifetime
  • 40 Photos per Gallery
  • 9 Videos per Gallery
  • Instagram Integrations

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Having your own website is great, but Shubh Wedding is a directory of bridal makeup artists. Getting your website listed with Shubh Wedding would provide you with a backlink to your website. Furthermore, we provide a standard single page listing which is ideal for brides-to-be and their family members to choose their favorite makeup artist. In a sense, registering with Shubh Wedding will be beneficial since the prices plan offered are competitive.

Yes, you can register as it will generate organic business leads for you too.

Our concept is unique, and we strive to generate organic business leads through search engines such as Google. We do not provide any dedicated leads management as we are not tracking our customers instead we display your listing whenever people search for Google terms like “Bridal Makeup Artists Near Me” or “Bridal Makeup Artists in Area / City Name”. Our pricing plans are more affordable than other businesses. 

As mentioned earlier, our technical team has created each and every fields very carefully. Consider listing with Shubh Wedding as your individual CV or brochure as this would help genearing business leads. Provide as many information about you as you can. 

While Submission:

  1. Provide accurate information about your business, Update information and photos on timely basis
  2. Bride-to-be intrested to see your qualification, reviews about your business, work/portfolio, certification. So, provide as much information as you can.
  3. Update information on timely basis as the process is completely online
  4. If possible, provide package system as this would easy to sell out during festive or wedding season

Post Submission

  1. Ask your customers/friends to share reivew about your work. Our listing has Ädd a Review button
  2. Share your listing link with your Facebook, Insta, Whatsapp by clicking on “Share”button
  3. Check the statistics of your listing through Dashboard
  4. Join our Bridal Makeup Artist of India” FaceBook group and publishing your information / listing link periodically as we have 35K+ members in the group.

No problem, Our team will take care your listing completely. You just need to share the required information, photos over a call or Whatsapp. Rest, our team shall do the needful and once you approve the listing then we will make it live on our portal.

Yes, Sure. You may Call or WhatsApp us on 8208459018. We will connect you to resolve all your queries.

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