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We can easily serve the perfect wedding – it does not matter if it’s a Bengali Wedding, a Marwari wedding, a Gujrati wedding or a Muslim wedding. Our connection as a group is what binds us together. We believe that loving each other authentically and well gives us the chance to be our best selves. This means we’re always honest with one another and we abide by a strict, “no drama” policy. You say what you mean and you say it directly to your teammate. This is the only way a group of women can work together without clique-iness or cattiness. We respect each other fully and love each other fiercely. Our connection with our venue, vendor, and wedding show clients is based on relationships. We have a no-commission salary structure specifically so that this can be the case. When our account managers don’t have to worry about making a sale to make their mortgage, they can build trust with their clients, and that means long-term relationships.

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